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Company LP "Business Garant" has been operating on the market since 2009 and according to the Customs Code of Ukraine has the status of an independent financial intermediary in providing financial guarantees of security of customs payments when importing goods to the customs area of Ukraine or transferring them through the territory by the passing (domestic) transit following the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 461 of 21.05.2012, as well as while registering cargoes in other customs regimes that are subject to the procedure of guaranteeing of customs payments.


The work of our highly qualified personnel, the developed network of representatives at checkpoints on the Ukrainian border with Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania and Slovakia, as well as at the domestic customs, allows us to ensure high quality and efficiency of service performance.

LP "Business Garant" is included in the register of guarantors as an Independent Financial Intermediary.


Our mission

To promote optimization of the financial costs of our customers and saving time of our clients' employees when carrying out transportation and customs clearance of goods on the territory of Ukraine, rendering our service fast and qualitatively


Our goal

To ensure legality and observance of customs rules when transferring goods across the territory of Ukraine, and simplify the procedure for customs clearance of goods for our customers (regarding payment of customs duties and execution of customs formalities) through the use of financial mechanisms to ensure payment of customs duties


Our function

Registration of financial guarantees in electronic form with issuance of guarantee documents in paper form, necessary for transfer of cargoes on the territory of Ukraine


 Our Advantages

Efficiency in provision of services
Saving of financial resources of our customers/ Flexible system of tariff formation for our service/ Presence of our employees in all active areas of transfer of cargoes across the customs territory of Ukraine/ Professionalism of our employees 

We provide financial guarantees for the customers who register cargoes in such customs regimes




Temporary imp/exp

Customs warehouse

Duty-free trade

Why we?

We work 24/365 Individual approach to each client

We (our representatives) are at all checkpoints across the Ukrainian border

We help you save time and money by quickly providing a financial guarantee

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Questions to the Administration:

Your opinion is important to us! We take care of our customers and provide services of the highest quality. In order to improve the level of our services, please send your constructive wishes and comments regarding our activities.


You have the opportunity to contact the director personally by phone

+38 0432 56-02-63


Our office is open from 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (Monday to Friday)


The department of executing financial guarantees operates seven days a week around the clock!!!


For business:

You can send your questions via email by filling out on-line application form on our website, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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